June 2014
The last years Hurmet has worked on a strong governance and they have investigated in underprivileged areas in Eastern Turkey. Hurmet is open for newfor challenges and projects. New projects are in development. With a new governance and logo, Hurmet looks forward to the future with optimism.


Hurmet foundation

Who are we?
Hurmet Foundation is a humanitarian organization and focuses on providing aid to the underprivileged in Turkey. Hurmet is a group of volunteers who are already engaged for years with the situation in Turkey, and in this way, this group has built up a great deal of knowledge and network. Recent data from studies in Turkey has clearly shown that Easten of Turkey has the most arrears. In this area, poverty and unemployment are the highest. As a result, women and especially children are affected, and have the least possibility of development. Many children are also living as street children. Children have to work often at a very young age to support their family. Girls are married at a very young age. Furthermore, children end up faster and more often in prisons. The word 'hurmet’ is best to approach with the English word ‘respect ‘.For that reason we are committed to the children that are victimized. Due to all these facts Hurmet focuses therefore more on disadvantaged children in Turkey.

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