About Hurmet foundation

Who are we?
Hurmet Foundation is a humanitarian organization and focuses on providing aid to the underprivileged in Turkey. Hurmet is a group of volunteers who are already engaged for years with the situation in Turkey, and in this way, this group has built up a great deal of knowledge and network.

Recent data from studies in Turkey has clearly shown that the East of Turkey has the most arrears. In this area, poverty and unemployment are the highest. As a result, women and especially children are affected, and have the least possibility of development. Many children are also living as street children. Children have to work often at a very young age to support their family. Girls are married at a very young age. Furthermore, children end up faster and more often in prisons.

For that reason we are committed to the children that are victimized. Due to all these facts Hurmet focuses therefore more on disadvantaged children in Turkey en in particular eastern of Turkey.

The foundation focuses on promoting development from below. Hurmet also supports projects developed by different organizations in Turkey but due to lack of contacts and finance difficult to get off the ground. The ideas and projects must come from the people and organizations on the ground. Only in this way, it is possible to promote self-activation, and building up. Hurmet Foundation seeks no commercial, political or religious goals.

Who are the children?
The villages where the children come from are mostly evacuated or destroyed, so the children have to wander and are forced to live outside. If these children still have parents, then these parents are primarily occupied with surviving. They have their own trauma; they have lost their homes, their property and often their own family members or children were perished in violence or were arrested and disappeared in prison. The conditions ensure that children often bear the brunt of violence. In the worst case, these children are arrested, tried and tortured for this kind of relatively minor offenses. There are many of these, often very young children in prisons.

The children who have been better affected and are able to go to school; they have often nothing to eat due to the large poverty.As a result, many children are forced to earn money on the streets (only in Diyarbakir 30,000 children are working on the streets). This street life worsens the problem considerably, because these children come into contact with crime and drugs. Also there are a lot of children, who are sexual abused.

In addition to setting up and executing various projects, our foundation does on fundraising. We also organize theme meetings, we promote knowledge and we motivate the people in order to commit themselves for the children in Turkey.

Hurmet Foundation depends on private donations and financial support by (aid) agencies.We use the financial resources to offer the children psychological help and to give them the opportunity to go to school and to learn a profession. We also want to give (some) children the opportunity to go to university with a scholarship, so they can use their talents for a peaceful future.

Theme meetings
We organize meetings in the Netherlands in which issues such as poverty and violence are discussed. Children and children’s rights in Turkey are central at these meetings. We will organize these meetings in collaboration with experts from home and abroad.

Exchange of knowledge
We collaborate with partners at home and abroad to support the various projects.On the one hand, we try to introduce the Western knowledge in the field of assistance services in Turkey and on the other hand, we use the knowledge of our cooperation partners to the project in the right direction. We provide contacts and know-how which we support existing projects and develop new projects. Hurmet monitors the contacts and we will offer active help in solving and preventing problems. To clarify the situation in Turkey, Hurmet will send delegations regularly. These delegations have two tasks: (1) guiding projects that are in progress and (2) to show the situations to representatives of the organizations are considering providing help.

Hurmet Foundation motivates and stimulates people to join forces and to participate in all kinds of activities in favour of children in Eastern Turkey. Think for example of festivals, collections, parties, card-writing activities for the children in prison.

Through the website you will be kept informed of all activities and you can find our financial accountability. Do you want to make a financial contribution? You can as well contact us for more information on tax deductibility.

There appears regularly a newsletter on our website. You can also follow us through social media.

Once a year,all the activities and the projects will be presented during a festive meeting.

Cooperation with local organization
We work with the following organizations:

  • Municipalities
  • Alocal organizations who pursue the same goal as Hurmet.
  • Locally there are two representatives of Hurmet Foundation of the on-going projects and activities and to give feedback to us.

    We are convinced that communications and contacts are the only way to solve the immense problems of the underprivileged. Meanwhile, there are close links with organisations in whole Turkey like; Istanbul, Mersin, Konya, Adiyaman and Diyarbakir. These links with organisations will be strengthened and build in the coming time.

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