The Hurmet Foundation has set
the following objectives:

  • The proposal and the development of projects that benefits the population, particularly for the underprivileged children. Our preference is given to projects that focus on education and self-reliance.
  • Passing on knowledge to the projects in Turkey to make more effective and self-employed.
  • The exchange of experience and doing research, thus that the supply and / or demand from Turkeyand the offer to be clearly mapped.
  • Providingmoral support.


Why is help needed?
Hurmet Foundation wants to provide help for the underprivileged and displaced persons in Turkey. Although the media barely pays attention to these issues, millions of people have lost their homes and agricultural land. Many people, refugees in their own country, have taken refuge in the big cities and they live in huts and tents on the outskirts of the city.

The people have little money or no money and they have the worst jobs. Registration is often impossible; therefor people will be without health care and an education. That is why many children live at home or as street children and they need a bright future for the rebuild of the area.

Would you like to support our activities? You can then sign up as our contributors of the Hurmet Foundation. We are registered as a 'Charity Foundation' at the tax office. Your contribution can be deposited into IBAN NL70 RABO 0383 9500 15. A donation or automatic collection can also be done on-line.

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