Preventing & shelter for street children


Since the 1970s there has been migration from several villages from the East to the big cities, this increased the number of inhabitants in the big cities. The poverty among this group of migrants is increasing making their children live and work on the streets.

The increasing figures of children in shopping centres, stations, entertainment centres, parks and under bridges, has become a major social problem. Approximately 60,000 of these children aresniffing and are addicted to glue resources. Exact figures on the number of street children in Turkey are not known, but research showed that approximately 500,000 children are in need of protection and that there are only 20,000 children are helped.

Hurmet is in collaboration with the local aid agencies with setting up of a project to provide a future for children.With your help you can save a child.

The purpose of this project:
The addicted children lodging with their family or to bring them in a protected environment and to regain into society.

Phased plan:

  • An inventory of organizations that are willing and are able to provide assistance (realized).
  • Mapping of suitable locations for the project (ongoing).
  • Mapping of necessary finance (ongoing).
  • Provide the necessary finance (ongoing).
  • Implementation of the project.
  • To evaluate the project interim and if necessary to adjust the project.
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